How does it work

Integrated camera detects pieces and their corresponding positions on board.
Now two modes are possible - assistant or competitor -> is the clock with You - or against You.
Clock AI suggestions are displayed on integrated screen.

Does the clock require internet connection to function?

No internet connection is required, no data is sent to any cloud. All processing is done inside the clock.

However, you can play with friends over internet - in this case WiFi internet connection is needed.

Is there any mechanics to move the pieces?

No. The smart clock evaluates situation on the board, display advice - or, depending on mode - next move, but physical movement of the piece must be performed by You.
Raise Your hand, take the piece, put it back on the board.

Can I use any board - or a special board is needed?

Any board can be used - provided that pieces are of normal size, typical colours & etc.

Please notice - given that any board and any pieces can be used, no formal guarantee of compatibility with ALL boards can be provided. However, if it is possible to distinguish between "black" and "white" - this should be enough for AI to adapt.

What type of warranty do you provide?

Standard 1 year warranty.